Social Media Marketing


You probably know how important social media is to your business. But using social media for yourself, and making use of it for business, are very different things, and it’s very easy to make very costly mistakes with social media. That’s where we come in. Webeagles has a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in leveraging social media for the express purpose of building and maintaining brands.

Success on social media isn’t just a matter of signing up to Snapchat, WhatsApp or whatever the latest app is and posting funny pictures or random links to interesting stories. Social media doesn’t work when you’re just using it to spam your brand’s message, either. Success comes from understanding which social networks your core audience is on, and then genuinely and deeply engaging with them. That means responding to their comments and questions, addressing their concerns, and having some fun along the way.

Social media is becoming more and more integral to having a successful SEO strategy because it is so visible to the social networks. It’s also a major time and resource commitment, and it’s something that Webeagles can take off your hands in order to free up your time to get on with focusing on your business.


The number of people on Facebook is in the billions, and still growing. It is in every way the ‘default’ social network, because regardless of your target demographic, they will be on Facebook. Facebook is a challenging beast to master for brands, however, and growing the number of “likes” on the page requires a deep understanding of the kind of content that Facebook likes to provide its audience.

The team at Webeagles will help you craft a super-targeted, hyper-relevant Facebook campaign that drives engagement with your brand and brings in fans. From there, you will be able to leverage your Facebook page to be a true supplement to your main website, but using it to build event awareness, offer sales promotions, create unique content and more.


LinkedIn is where the business audience is, and is often an undervalued channel to engaging with customers. On LinkedIn you will find thought leaders sharing blog posts on doing business, heated debates about creative approaches to managing businesses, success stories and lots (and lots) of networking.

People find jobs and careers on LinkedIn. Others find new business partnership opportunities. Others have sold their businesses for major premiums by networking with the right people. With a team of social media experts that includes top business journalists, Webeagles has the resources and expertise to help you craft the right content strategy to make the most of your presence on LinkedIn. You will be seen as an authority in your vertical, and that will open all kinds of new business opportunities as a consequence.

Beyond the ‘big three’, the social media landscape is ever changing, and different networks offer value to different verticals. Fashion does well with Instagram, cooking and Pinterest go hand-in-hand, and the youth are all over Snapchat. Webeagles understands the value that each of these networks offer brands, and which should be the highest priority for your target audience. We’ve also got the tools, including our unique digital dashboard that lets us (and you) know exactly how your social media efforts are faring. Through Webeagles you will be able to watch your social media strategy take off and deliver real returns back into your business.