Website Design Services

For organisations that really need a kickstart to their online presence, or would like to completely refresh their website, we are able to offer comprehensive website development services to our clients.

Our highly consultative approach to website development means that we will build a site that uniquely reflects your business and its personality, while at the same time ensuring that it complies with SEO best practice, and the reader’s expectations for what they want to see and read on a modern website.


Whether it’s building a website from scratch, or completely overhauling an existing website, our team of gun web developers will be able to help you in crafting a site that gains the attention of readers and search engines alike.

On the back end, we have a team of coders with extensive experience in web design best practice. For content, our copywriters and art designers will ensure that the site looks and reads beautifully.

We will always kick these projects off with extensive meetings with you, in order to best understand your tone, style, and target audiences. In each stage of the website development process, you will have the opportunity to review and make changes to the work.

Web design needs to be an ongoing process. As with fashion, designs move in and out of vogue, and it’s important that you’re not seen being left behind with an archaic design. As part of our full service, we monitor trends in web design, and will proactively offer advice on when it’s the right time to update or refresh your website.


There are more devices accessing the Internet than ever, and with screen sizes ranging from smart phones through to television panels in size, these devices offer very different experiences of the Internet.

To put this in perspective – the amount of mobile traffic on the Internet now is around 50 per cent; around half the people accessing your website will be doing so from a mobile phone or tablet. If your site isn’t optimised for these people, then they’ll find a website that they can comfortably read, and you’ll lose around half your business opportunities.

In other words, it is critical that modern websites are responsive; that is, the website will adjust how it displays information, based on the screen size of the device that’s it’s being accessed on. Responsive websites are more pleasant to read, as they’re optimised for phone and larger computers alike, and as a result, search engines reward responsive websites with higher rankings.

Our team of expert web designers at Webeagles have years of experience in responsive web design. When we start working with your brand, optimising the website will be one of our first priorities, and we’ll take you through a step-by-step process to show you just how much your customers – and therefore your business – will benefit from a transition to a responsive web design layout.